“The concept of convergence–of ideas, technologies, and interests– inspires my business and intellectual pursuits. Convergent is where my knowledge, my personal passions and my career come together.”
Bill Robbins

Bill Robbins runs the show at Convergent Management, Inc., a private management and services company through which he operates businesses, advises entrepreneurs, engages in various academic and literary pursuits, and manages the equivalent of a small family office, with all the attendant administrative and fiduciary responsibilities.

Bill serves clients through personal referral, usually from professional colleagues and personal acquaintances who appreciate his expansive knowledge, candor and sense of humor. Bill’s input on business matters usually pertains to strategy, business development, and the fine points of corporate and professional communications, especially, writing.

With decades of experience and accomplishment in the corporate and start-up worlds in drug discovery and development, medical devices, advanced materials, healthcare delivery, and in seed-stage venture investing, Bill provides insightful, candid, highly personalized counsel and practical guidance to scientists, clinicians, engineers and senior executives in the life sciences, healthcare, technology and services.

Bill is also a published author and editor of non-fiction books and articles. Always eager to share his love of the written word, he edits and proofreads manuscripts for medical, dental, scholarly and special-interest books, academic and professional journals and magazines.

Bill also shares his knowledge as a private instructor in important life skills.

In matters of policy and politics, Bill is actively engaged in online discussion and dialogue with fellow citizens and acknowledged experts on matters including national security, intellectual freedom, 2nd Amendment advocacy and Israel.

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