Photo of Bill Robbins

Bill Robbins runs Convergent Management, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA), a professional advisory firm through which he shares his expertise and insights with entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who seek soundly reasoned, insightful, actionable advice on executive management, strategy, business development, fund raising, communication and administration. Bill also provides advice and knowledge support on healthcare and eldercare matters and serves as a board member and trustee.

Bill is a published author of non-fiction books and articles on business and topics of personal interest, and has edited books by authors from the US, Ireland, Israel and Italy. Bill edits and proofreads manuscripts for medical, dental, technical, scholarly and special-interest books, academic and professional journals and magazines. Bill writes and designs his own website content and is a frequent online commenter on topics of particular interest and importance.

Bill draws upon a career’s worth (several, actually) of experience and accomplishment in the corporate and start-up worlds (domestic and international), in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology industries, in advanced materials, in consumer health products and healthcare delivery, in technology transfer, and in seed-stage investing and venture development. As a founder and managing director of Convergent Investors, LLC (then dba Convergent Ventures), Bill started up, financed and managed university spin-out companies from Caltech and UCLA. With his expertise in academic biomedical research, technnology transfer and commercialization, Bill also served on the national boards of two philanthropic organizations focused on supporting world-class research in the life sciences, medicine and technology in Israel.

Married to a pediatric dentist, Bill has a special appreciation for the education, hard work and dedication required to build and manage a successful healthcare practice. As a small business owner in his his own right, Bill founded and managed a company (then dba Convergent Cycling & Performance Products) with 23 independent sales representatives that sold wearable impact protection products to cycling and sporting goods retailers across much of the U.S.

Thanks to Bill’s sensitivity to the nuances of personalities and interpersonal relationships, his candor, and his sense of humor, clients, colleagues and family members alike have come to rely upon him for assistance with matters that go well beyond the typical consulting or advisory engagement.

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