I have always been inspired by wide-open vistas, such as the one depicted in this ranchland panorama that I photographed (that’s my shadow, in the bottom foreground) during a weekend outing in the Bitterwater Valley, in San Luis Obispo County, CA, in September 2019. I wrote about my adventure for an article published in the shooting magazine, California Firing Line.

Business Philosophy & Style

Creating and running companies and advising entrepreneurs, business owners, clinicians, scientists and technical professionals is something I take personally. Building new ventures and running businesses requires total commitment, personally and professionally, which is why, after years in the corporate world, in start-ups, and in seed-stage financing, my personal and professional lives are completely converged. What I like to do personally and professionally, what I think about, and how I spend my time, all run together–by intention.

Part of what I do, now, is to operate, together with my wife (she’s the gifted one), a well established and successful pediatric dentistry practice, in Los Angeles. The practice is highly specialized, focusing on early and optimal childhood development, via an integrative and multidisciplinary approach.

The “other part” of what I do (actually, everything that I do blends together, synergistically) is to share my decades of knowledge and experience, from industry, from start-ups, from seed-stage finance, and from private practice, is to advise other professionals.

I help my clients to see opportunities, solve problems, and take action. My perspective and my style of operating draw upon my professional background and domain expertise in research-based, science and technology-driven, knowledge-intensive industries and professions. From a practical perspective, I provide useful and actionable feedback, suggestions, guidance, referrals, and ideas for further investigation, as well as hands-on assistance, when and where it’s needed.

That’s all there is to it. No steep learning curves. No dancing around. No risk. No obligations. Just productive interaction (in-person, by phone, online, e-mail, text; even scribbled on paper–whatever makes sense), when you need it, without complications.

Consulting & Advisory Work

It’s what I do, by choice, after years of starting, funding, managing and leading companies. Now, it’s your turn, and I will listen intently and share my thoughts as we discuss your objectives, your strategy, your challenges, and your opportunities.

Clients appreciate my wide breadth of knowledge, my domain expertise, my wholistic approach to analyzing business problems and opportunities, and my candid, conversational style of communication.

Editing, Proofreading and Commenting

I read a lot. I like words. I like wordplay. I can write. I can also review, pick apart, correct and polish what other people write, while understanding the content and the intended audience. Science and technology. Medicine and dentistry. Academic stuff. Business stuff. Scholarly stuff. Special interest stuff. Your stuff.

How Much Does it Cost?

Actually, the important question is, what makes sense, given the topic at hand, the nature of the work, the required time commitment, and the expectations? My consulting and advisory work tends to be project-oriented and fee-based. My rates for editing and proofreading follow industry standards that you can easily verify online, although my review of written material would likely include a consultative component as well.